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Ancient Israel, 3rd Edition Hardcover

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Ancient Israel, 3rd Edition Hardcover

Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple, 3rd Edition

Edited by Hershel Shanks

Also available in softcover.

Ancient Israel, now in its third edition, is the widely acclaimed leading history of ancient Israel written by the world's foremost Biblical scholars and archaeologists. Each chapter has been updated and expanded to incorporate more than a decade's worth of outstanding new discoveries and fresh scholarly perspectives.

This third edition also features student-friendly content and enhancements, including informative sidebars that delve deeper into the field's most exciting findings and debates.

440 pp., 41 illustrations, 17 maps & charts,
10 color plates

ITEM: 7H04 Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-935335-41-2

BAS > Year 2012

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