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Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism, 2nd Edition

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Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism, 2nd Edition

Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism
A Parallel History of their Origins and Early Development

Edited by Hershel Shanks

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A unique look at two of the world’s great religions

This newly revised parallel history of Judaism and Christianity presents the first six centuries in the development of both religions in one understandable volume. This unprecedented book takes readers from the middle of the first century—when a distinction between Judaism and Christianity first became apparent—to the Arab conquest. This book begins where its companion volume, Ancient Israel, ends.

The first edition appeared more than two decades ago and has since become a standard textbook and reference work for undergraduate, graduate and Bible study courses across the country. The book’s editor and contributing authors have now written a completely updated and revised edition that incorporates the most important finds and insights from the past two decades of archaeological, historical and Biblical research.

More than 65 images enhance the text, many illustrating the most dramatic and important finds discovered in the Holy Land and elsewhere in recent decades. It also includes, for the first time, informative maps detailing the many sites and regions where the shared histories of these two world religions unfolded.

Chapters include:

LOUIS H. FELDMAN | Palestinian and Diaspora Judaism in the First Century

E.P. SANDERS | The Life of Jesus

JAMES D.G. DUNN | Christianity from Jerusalem to Rome: 30–70 C.E.

LEE I.A. LEVINE | Judaism from the Destruction of Jerusalem to the End of the Second Jewish Revolt: 70–135 C.E.

HAROLD W. ATTRIDGE | Christianity from the Destruction of Jerusalem to Constantine: 70–312 C.E.

SHAYE J.D. COHEN | Judaism to the Mishnah: 135–220 C.E.

ISAIAH M. GAFNI | The World of the Talmud: From the Mishnah to the Arab Conquest

DENNIS E. GROH | The Religion of the Empire: Christianity from Constantine to the Arab Conquest

JAMES H. CHARLESWORTH | Christians and Jews in the First Six Centuries

486 pp., 69 illustrations, 7 maps & charts

ITEM: 7H192 Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-935335-52-8


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