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In Search of Christian Origins

Lectures on the History of Early Christianity

A course of ten lectures—great for Bible study introductory courses in the New Testament.
By James H. Charlesworth

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Item: 9H191
Run time: 7 hours (or 419 minutes)
ISBN 978-1-935335-53-5

Taught by the engaging and dynamic James H. Charlesworth of Princeton Theological Seminary, these ten thought-provoking lectures, created especially for readers of Biblical Archaeology Review, focus on two key questions for the study of Early Christianity:

How did the Palestinian Jesus Movement develop within the vibrant but highly factionalized world of Second Temple Judaism?

And how did this once-obscure and insignificant sect evolve into a movement that was able not only to expand far beyond its Jewish roots, but also to become the dominant religion of the Roman Empire under Constantine the Great?

In Search of Christian Origins presents a thorough overview of the history of Early Christianity from its beginnings as an obscure Jewish sect in first-century C.E. Israel-Palestine to its dramatic ascension as the religion of the Roman Empire in the fourth century.

- The Jewish Context of Jesus
- The Many Faces of Second Temple Judaism
- Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls
- Jesus and His Judaism
- Jesus' Death and Resurrection
- Paul and the Reinterpretation of Jesus' Message
- Jewish Factionalism and the Early Gospels
- The Emergence of Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism
- The Quest for Orthodoxy: The Gnostic Challenge
- The Quest for Orthodoxy: The Final Debates

- Ancient Treasures from the World of Jesus

Supplementary Course Materials in PDF format on CD: This supplementary PDF has the required text for the course, lists of suggested readings, informative summaries and key questions, as well as maps, timelines and a glossary.

JAMES H. CHARLESWORTH is the George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature and director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Project at Princeton Theological Seminary.


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