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Just Dug Up

Just Dug Up: Finds from Biblical Israel and the deep

Ideal for interested laypeople, ministers, Bible Study groups and general classroom use

In this collection, four noted archaeologists lecture on their most recent excavations. Learn the latest on the Cave of Letters expedition, the John the Baptist Cave at Suba, what’s new at the excavations at Biblical Gath—Tell es-Safi—and the final frontier—underwater exploration. Also, enjoy the bonus lecture by William G. Dever on personal reminiscences of famous archaeologists. All lectures have been enhanced for optimal DVD viewing.

This DVD is the first volume in a 3-part series from Biblical Archaeology Society's Bible Fest VII held in San Antonio, Texas.

The Lectures:

Carl Savage, Drew University Theological School | Refuge in the Cave of Letters: A Report from the John P. and Carol Merrill Expedition to the Cave of Letters

When Jewish warriors against Rome found refuge in the Judean Wilderness hideout, they brought their families, weapons and valuables—perhaps Temple treasures as well.

James D. Tabor, University of North Carolina, Charlotte | The “John the Baptist Cave” at Suba: What are the Facts?

Did this cave west of Jerusalem serve as a site for baptisms and other rituals performed by John and his followers? The co-excavator lays out the evidence for why he thinks they did, including an ancient portrait on the cave wall that may depict John the Baptist himself.

Aren Maeir, Bar-Ilan University | What’s New in Our Search for Goliath? The Recent Excavations at Tell es-Safi—Biblical Gath of the Philistines

Archaeologists are uncovering the hometown of the Biblical giant and in the process are finding more evidence that the Philistines had a great culture—and were anything but philistine.

Shelley Wachsmann, Texas A&M University | Deep Submergence Archaeology: The Final Frontier

Learn about the latest techniques in underwater exploration, and see the discoveries that are beginning to emerge from the bottom of the world’s oceans.

BONUS LECTURE: William G. Dever, University of Arizona | The History of the History: Some Personal Stories About Famous Archaeologists

A leading excavator reminisces about the great men and women who created the field of Biblical archaeology. You’ll learn of the fascinating personalities behind the great finds.

3-DVD set
Run time: 4 hours, 8 minutes
ISBN 978-1-880317-77-8


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