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Lost Christianities additional images

Price: $119.95

Lost Christianities

12 fascinating lectures popular among our BAS Seminar attendees!

Join prominent Bible scholars Charles Hedrick, April DeConick and James Tabor on a fascinating journey to rediscover lost Christianities. Dive into the texts of forgotten gospels, unlock the mysteries of Gnostic beliefs, and meet some of the most important people in Jesusí life and mission.

Item: 9HLC2

Total running time: 12 hours
ISBN 978-0-9796357-0-0

The Lectures:
Charles W. Hedrick
- Orthodoxy and Its Earliest Competitors
- Rewriting the Gospel: Johnís Revisionist Heresy
- Secret Mark: Ancient Fiction or Modern Forgery?
- Whatís the Flap About the Gospel of Judas?

April De Conick
- What Can the Gospel of Thomas Tell Us About the Jerusalem Church and the First Aramaic Christians?
- The Road Not Taken: The Mystical Gospel of Thomas
- A Gnostic Catechism: Who? What? Where?
- Where Were the Women? The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

James Tabor
- Hebrew Versions of Matthew and What They Tell Us About Lost Christianities
- The Lost Followers of John the Baptist (and Jesus!)
- James and the Boys: The Mostly Forgotten Family/Dynasty of Jesus
- Disparaging Jesus: Roman Gossip and Jewish Legend

Each engaging segment includes all of the lecturersí slides to enhance your viewing experience. Plus, in the BONUS CD, you'll get informative handouts in PDF format to quickly download and easily print out to follow along with the video.

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