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Sifting History

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Sifting History

Sifting History: Highlights from Bible and Archaeology Fest IX

For over 30 years, the BAS Lecture Series has presented the most recent biblical archaeological discoveries from world-renowned experts.

From the role of women in ancient Israelite religion to questions about non-canonical gospels and the reinterpretation of well-known archaeological sites, Sifting History provides you a personal education experience as noted scholars equip you with the essential knowledge you need to stay current with the past.

Each lecture is supplemented with color photographs, maps and plans to enhance your viewing experience.


4-disc set + BONUS CD (with lecturers handouts)
Running time: 8 hours
ISBN 978-0-9796357-2-4

A PDF of lecturer handouts will be available for download to those who have purchased the set. Please see instructions on the packaging insert included with the DVDs for how to access this PDF.

Susan Ackerman | Women and Ancient Israelite Household Religion

Michael Coogan | Yahweh's Wives

Norma Franklin | Fit for a King: The Tombs of the Kings of Israel in Samaria

Tammi J. Schneider | Israel's Relationship with Judah in the Eyes of the Assyrians

Stephen Patterson | Jesus, Judas and Plato: Unraveling the Theology of the Gospel of Thomas

Craig Evans | Archaeology and the Extra-Canonical Gospels

Jeffrey R. Chadwick | Discovering Hebron: The City of Abraham and David

James D. Tabor | Did the Essenes Live at Qumran? The Evidence from the Latrines

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