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Jerusalem's Temple Mount

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Jerusalem's Temple Mount

Jerusalem’s Temple Mount: From Solomon to the Golden Dome

By Hershel Shanks

“In this beautifully illustrated volume [Shanks] lends his charismatic writing style to one of the most fascinating and contentious topics in religion, archaeology and history…in a condensed and very readable manner. Perfect for a popular audience.”
—S.H. Werlin, Choice

“Shanks’s book is a masterpiece of haute vulgarization. He begins his narrative with the Temple Mount as it exists today and works backward from there, digging deeper and deeper into the past, until he gets to Solomon’s temple. The colored photographs are beautiful, and the architectural projections illuminating…It will help students—and teachers—visualize Solomon’s great building program.”
—Lawrence S. Cunningham, Commonweal

New York Times book critic Richard Bernstein has called Hershel Shanks “the world’s most influential amateur Biblical archaeologist.”

Few places in the world have enjoyed such religious significance as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. According to Jewish, Christian and Muslim doctrine, it was here that Adam was buried after being expelled from Eden. This is also the site where it is said Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son, where Solomon built his Temple and where Muhammad is said to have ascended to heaven. Using 160 vivid illustrations and revealing research, Hershel Shanks takes you from the Golden Dome backward through time in an exploration of the temples that once stood in this spot.

216 pp. + 120 color and 40 b&w illustrations
ITEM: 7C01 Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-8264-2884-4


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