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Where Jesus Walked

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Where Jesus Walked

Where Jesus Walked: Hosted by Hershel Shanks

“A highly professional and utterly delightful hour-and-a-half of the best and latest thinking of current archaeology on first-century Palestine—the time of Jesus. The videography is stunning. Shanks’ questions are those the layperson would (or should) ask, and the answers offered are clear, concise and to the point . . . This DVD belongs in every college, church and synagogue library in the world.”
—James A. Sanders, Founder and President Emeritus, The Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center

Item: 9HJV
DVD • Approx. 91 minutes
ISBN 978-1-880317-74-7

In this film from the Biblical Archaeology Society, Hershel Shanks visits Nazareth, Galilee, Capernaum, Bethsaida, Qumran, Sepphoris and Jerusalem to view sites where Jesus walked. Along the way, Shanks meets with the world’s most prominent archaeologists and Biblical scholars to discuss the archaeological discoveries that link these sites to Jesus. Their lively, in-depth conversations offer a clear picture of how current archaeology is illuminating the New Testament.

For anyone interested in learning how archaeology has enhanced the study of the life and times of Jesus, this DVD is a must-have! Hear from the excavators who are bringing the Gospels to life with startling discoveries. See the compelling evidence. Walk where Jesus walked!

Featured Biblical scholars and archaeologists include Richard Freund, Rami Arav, Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, Stephen Pfann, James Strange, Vassilios Tzaferis, James Fleming, Ronny Reich, Hillel Geva, Hanan Eshel, Ya’akov Meshorer, Bargil Pixner, Gideon Avni, Gabriel Barkay, Dan Bahat, Joseph Fitzmyer, and Orna Cohen.

The fascinating finds include a first-century boat like the one the apostles used, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the theater at Sepphoris, the fishing village of Bethsaida, the Capernaum synagogue where Jesus preached, the remains of an individual crucified in the first century, and much more.


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