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The Bible in Context

The Bible in Context: How History & Archaeology Are Changing the Way We Read the Bible

This DVD is the third volume in a 3-part series from Biblical Archaeology Society's Bible Fest VII held in San Antonio, Texas.

The Lectures:

William G. Dever, University of Arizona | Everyday Life in Ancient Israel

William G. Dever transports us back to ancient Israel through countless beautiful images and archaeological finds from the region. They enable us to glimpse what everyday life might have been like in the world in which the Bible was written.

Michael D. Coogan, Stonehill College | The Sexuality of Yahweh

Michael D. Coogan explores the sexual nature of Yahweh as described in the Biblical texts and discusses the evidence that a feminine divine partner to Yahweh played an important role in popular Israelite religious thinking.

Peter W. Flint, Trinity Western University | The Text and Interpretation of Isaiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Peter W. Flint introduces us to the Great Isaiah Scroll, one of the first and most treasured scrolls to be found in the caves at Qumran. Flint uses it to demonstrate how information in the Dead Sea Scrolls is shedding new light on how we read and understand the Bible today.

Ronald S. Hendel, University of California, Berkeley | The Biblical Sense of the Past

Ronald S. Hendel exposes the tension between our modern methods of historical inquiry and the Biblical sense of the past. He proposes that a new understanding of history is necessary to be able to appreciate the Bible in all its richness and on its own terms.

James A. Sanders, Claremont School of Theology | How to Read the Bible Today

James A. Sanders encourages us to approach the Bible free from the confines of our modern interpretations and with an eye toward the power and meaning of the words in their original context.

3-DVD set
Run time: Approx. 4 hours, 50 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-880317-82-2


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